Introduction: Perfect Pizza Dough

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After much trial and error, I have finally landed on a Pizza Dough recipe that works every time and is super simple to make!
The entire process takes around 8 hours so you will need to be prepared.


1Kg 00 Flour

20g Salt

650ml water

7g yeast

Step 1: Combine Ingredients

Mix the yeast and water and allow to stand for a few minutes to hydrate the yeast. Add the water and yeast mixture to the dry ingredients and knead until smooth. Transfer to a bowl, cover and place in a warm area to rise until doubled in size(This takes approximately 4 hours for me but will vary depending on the temperature in your house).

If you have a mixer with a dough hook the process is a lot quicker and easier as you can skip the manual mixing/kneading. Just be warned that the dough can get quite firm while mixing and I actually blew up a cheap mixer making the dough. I then got one of these and it handles it with ease!

Step 2: Divide and Rise

Once the dough has doubled in size punch in down and split into 6 equally sized chunks at approximately 275g each. Roll the chunks into balls and set on a floured bench to rise for a further 4(ish) hours.

Step 3: Roll Out

Around an hour before you are ready to start cooking roll your dough balls out. Flouring the bottom of the rolled out dough will make it far easier to work with. I put mine on trays as it makes it easier to transfer the pizza oven later.
Once rolled out allow your bases to sit and rise for around an hour!

Step 4: Ready to Cook

Time to add your choice of toppings and cook.

For a simple tomato sauce base check out my instructable here.

For cooking in a wood-fired oven check out my instructable here.

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