Introduction: Perfect Swing

First you have to have your feet placement. This is very important because if you swing and lose your balance than you can hurt your self.

Right as the ball is coming for you, you have to step forward to put all of your weight on the ball and drive It into the field.

If you are a righty than you will be left in-front of right and if your left than your right in-front.


You will need your feet and a bat!

Step 1: Grip

Now its your grip. This is what makes you hold on to it and not fling it.

Like feet placement its different with lefty's and righty's

If you have smaller hands then you will choke up on the bat. That means that you will move your hand upwards on the bat. If you have larger hands than keep your hands were they are most comfortable.

Step 2: Elbow Up

If you want to stroke the ball into the out field than you have to have your top hand elbow at a forty five degree angle. If you do this you are going to make contact with the ball. There is not much to talk about this one, but remember the forty five degree angle.

Step 3: Eye on the Ball

I do not need a picture for this but if you want to make contact than keep your eye on the ball. I know you parents or somebody taught you this so just do it. If you don't have good hand eye coordination then you can throw a baseball against a wall and catch it over and over again.

Step 4: Done

Now you will have a very decent baseball swing and you will be more effective to the ball batting. Follow all the steps and you will be good.