Perfect, Authentic, Easy Refried Beans

Introduction: Perfect, Authentic, Easy Refried Beans

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I get TONS of requests for my recipe and for me to make refried beans. I learned this recipe from my Papito (daddy) from Jalisco, Mexico. It is easy, inexpensive, and delicious. Everything you need should be easy to find at your local grocery store or supermarket. Check the "Hispanic" or specialty aisles, or visit a Latin Market!

Preferred supplies:

— Crock pot or pressure cooker

— Cumin

— Chili powder - or Chile ancho/ guajillo/ any

— Optional because it has MSG: Knorr bouillon-ckn, beef, or vegetarian (German & Mexican foods)

— Kosher salt - or plain salt

— Oil for frying - I prefer light olive or pomace olive oil

++Optional: crispy crumbled bacon & bacon grease for frying

— Raw onion

— Raw garlic

— Raw jalapeño or Chile Serrano

Step 1: First Sort Beans and Remove Any Ugly Ones, Broken Ones, and Stones.

Step 2: Then Put Them in a Strainer/colander and Wash in the Sink Until the Water Runs Clear.

-At this point you can either let the beans soak overnight, or go ahead and cook them.

++optional: if you want to "de-gas" the beans, soak them overnight then drain and rinse the beans before cooking. If you happen to have whey [the liquid from straining yogurt into greek yogurt], add it to the soaking water and it helps even more!

Step 3: Start the Crock Pot / Pressure Cooker With Warm Water to Heat.

Step 4: Add Clean Beans to the Hot Water in the Crock Pot / Pressure Cooker.

Step 5: Add Whole Peeled Cloves of Garlic and a Halved Onion (big Pieces So You Can Remove Later).

Step 6: Cook

Pressure cooker: Cook for at least an hour after the pressure builds and you lower the heat per your pressure cooker.

Crock pot: Cook overnight or during the workday (8+hrs) on high.

Step 7: After the Beans Are Cooked [either Method]:

Remove onion & garlic

Add salt to taste.

You can eat them like this, called "frijoles de la olla" and serve like soup with diced cheese, diced onion, oregano, and jalapeño. Maybe add tortilla chips and/or sour cream, or serve with warm tortillas.

Step 8: To Refry (the "re-" Is Emphatic, As in REALLY Fried, Not As in Done a Second Time):

First heat the oil (even better if you use bacon grease!!)

Then sauté the onion and jalapeño (big pieces to remove later) in until browned.

Step 9: Crisp Just the Beans in Oil, But DO NOT MASH YET!!

Then add in cooked, strained beans, but save the liquid!

(You can cheat and use canned pinto beans from this point forward, though it is not as fresh and yummy.)

Let the beans crisp in the oil. Set aside the liquid.

Step 10: THEN Add All the Liquid, But DO NOT MASH Yet

Then add ALL the bean soup/liquid.

DO NOT MASH until later!!!!

Add in cumin, chili powder, salt, and [opt] Knorr to taste.

Let all of the seasonings simmer in the liquid on low so the flavors infuse into the beans.

Step 11: ​When the Liquid Is Consumed:

When the liquid is consumed:

Remove onion & jalapeño, set aside or discard.

Mash gently to desired consistency.

I prefer mine thicker not soupy.

Step 12: Perfect Authentic Mexican Refried Beans

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    Oh man that sounds delicious! Good to know that authentic and easy go together, at least where refried beans are concerned ;)


    Reply 7 years ago

    Let me know how they turn out! the seasonings are optional, all you really need are the onion, garlic, and salt :)