Introduction: Perfect Butta' Popcorn!

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Truly, what could be more magical than knowing you can butter your popcorn perfectly every time?? What makes this even better is you can use OLD recyclables to make this dream come true! This is a double win, one for the environment and one for ME. ;)

This instructable is EASY and takes merely 30 minutes. With a little creativity and a drill... you can send your taste-buds to happy land. My guarantee, this will make movie night much more enjoyable with no cranky guests complaining about no-flavor popcorn. Lets get started, this will take no time!


Step 1: Gather Materials and Grab a Large Empty Recyclable


  • 1/4 - 20x4 bolt that will fit into a Dewalt drill

(This is what I had, but honestly you can use any drill and any bolt, just adjust your hole in the lid accordingly)

  • Air pop Popcorn machine
  • razor blade
  • butter (lots of it!)
  • empty Gatorade bottle 64oz
  • A MAN DRILL (any kind)

After searching through your recyclables, no you're not homeless, you're looking for a GOOD large empty bottle, any 2 liter will work. For me, I choose a Gatorade bottle because it has ridges and will add friction when the drill turns on and thus be more productive.

Remove the label and DON'T forget to wash it out. eww

Step 2: Make a Hole in the Lid, Big Enough for the Bolt

The bolt is what attaches to the drill and what will be used to spin the bottle when completed. So! you will need to make a 1/4 inch hole in the Gatorade bottle lid big enough to fit the 1/4 in bolt. It's really not rocket science, fit the bolt in the hole. Use a screw driver to help open the hole a little more if you need to.

Step 3: Slide Bolt Through and Attach the Nut

when the hole is big enough for the 1/4-20x4 bolt to fit snugly through, attach the 1/4-20 nut

Simple and easy as pie =) The union should be very solid and tight.

Step 4: Cut Off the Butt

You can use scissors but it may cut you. Cut around the bottom with a razor blade.Take about an inch off, maybe less. Don't stress to be precise, it's still gonna work! I used a razor and it cut very easy for me, like a hot knife through butter. Mmm i'm getting hungry for some butter popcorn!! ~

Step 5: Attach Your Modded Components

Now you are ready to attach the Gatorade lid to the Dewalt machine. When complete, you have the POWER. You will feel like a king!

Step 6: Make Dry Popcorn!

I love air popped popcorn because it's fun to watch them all tumble out at the same time! Also, with an air popper pretty much every kernel gets popped so there's no waste.

Once the fun popping is over, melt some butter in the microwave. However much your heart desires and depending how many mouths you're going to be feeding. For me I think we used about 3 tablespoons.

This is also an instructable on how to make popcorn!! haha I'm kidding. Or maybe I'm not. ;)

Step 7: Load It, Drizz It, Spin It!

It's that simple folks. Load in the popcorn, about 5 handfulls at a time, and then add butter slowly as you turn the drill. SLOWLY. Unless you wanna have a popcorn confetti party, then go ahead. I also added nacho cheese, salt and pepper. yummm~

There you have it folks. The perfectly covered butter-popcorn using drill power!

You can also use this method to COLOR your popcorn for parties or for holidays. Say you want pink popcorn (whyyy not), add food coloring to the melted butter as well as in the popcorn, about a drop or two at a time, and you'll get a nice even color to spruce up your party!

Enjoy! Thank you ALL very much for your interest in my instructable, good day to you all! =)

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