Perfectly Smooth and Breathtaking Wooden Floor (how to Put a Laquer)



Introduction: Perfectly Smooth and Breathtaking Wooden Floor (how to Put a Laquer)

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Wooden floor, when is properly laquered, could be really beautiful. Making the perfectly smooth laquered surface isn't very easy, but it isn't also rocket science. If You do all step in this instructable, You will get pretty awesome effect.

What will be needed:

Poliurethane laquer (could be glossy) for first coat

Poliurethane laquer for second and last layer (Your target choice: glossy, mat or satin)

Dissolvent (for preparing the first coat)

Sandpapers with grit of 220-320

Vacum cleaner

Wooden floor ;-)

Oh, one more thing, let's leave behind the discussion what is better: laquer or oil ;-)

Step 1: Preparing the Floor - Very Important Step

First You need to clean the floor. By this I don't mean to clean it with water! Don't do that because You will ruin everything (water will rise micro wood hairs and You won't be able to get smootg surface). Use the vacum cleaner and remove any dust. Do it twice.

You need also close the doors and put the moskito nets in windows (i don't recommend to close all the windows, because poliurethane could be dangerous for Your health if). If You won't do this, You will get moskito glued to Your laquer.

Step 2: First Coat - to Close the Wood Pores

First coat of laquer is to close the wood pores. I don't recommend to buy expensive sealants for that purpose. Instead of that. Take the poliurethane laquer and mix it with the solvent in following proportions:

1/4 solvent

3/4 laquer

It will give You very good sealant, but cheaper. I'm using glossy laquer for that purpose (glossy is cheaper than satin one)

When the mixture will be ready, use the paint roller to put the sealer on the floor. Do it along the wood tiles.

Step 3: Sandpapering & Vacuming

After 12-24 hours, the first layer should be dry.

Take the sandpaper and use it on the floor. Be patient and do it properly. Don't be afraid that You are ruining the surface (although it will look like that ;-) ).

In this step You are removing any bumps, dust and imperfections in the laquer layer. This is the very important step!

After sandpapering use the vacum cleaner to remove all the dust from the floor. Do it even twice!

Step 4: Middle and Final Layer

When You end the sandpapering and clean the floor with the vacum cleaner, You are ready to put Your target laquer.

Once again use the painting roller and put the laquer on the floor. Try to put the laquer from one end to another along the wood tiles.

Wait until the laquer dries and then.. once again do the sandpapering and vacuming.

Now it's time to final-third layer. I recommend to put this layer in proper light during the day (not in evening) so You will be able to see where the laquer was putted and You will make continous smooth layer then.

Step 5: Final

That's all. You've done it! Now enjoy Your perfect, smooth floor:)

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