Introduction: Performance Pavillion - to Help Our Passion of Growing a Water Ski Team 9/19/1969

Almost 100 years after Jack Daniels started the tradition of water and wood, the Carolina Show Ski Team was founded.  Folks wanted to share their passion…create a place for kids and families to come together...and a water ski team was born. 

My name is Becky Fox (Date of Birth 9/19/1969) and I'm a member of the Carolina Show Ski Team.  Since our creation – our team has impacted hundreds, but we dream of reaching thousands. Each year, we perform water ski shows and give back to our community in a variety of ways.  Our shows entertain crowds - with barefooting acts, synchronized ballet water skiing, and human pyramid (and much more!!!)...with members of all ages, skills and abilities.  But what’s unique– is the impact that we instill in those we mentor, long after we leave the lake.  We teach values of commitment, the importance of hard work, and the desire to want the best - for ourselves, others and for our community.  We're a small team - but we have BIG DREAMS! 

This year alone in our Learn to Ski Clinics, we taught over 30 people (who don't have access to the lake) how to ski!  It was amazing!!!   Whether there is a need on a Park Clean-up Day, or to help others in need, our team understands the importance of supporting our community. 

You'll find that our American spirit is found in everything we do.  We braid our own ski ropes, sew our own costumes, and even build our own water skis – hand-crafted, the same way Jack Daniels makes traditions in how they create a fine whiskey, with wood and water.    

Our passion is waterskiing – and our passion project is to grow the team that provides endless memories to countless communities and families.  What we need to help take us to the next level is a performance pavilion for team, as well as for our community. We don’t want to buy one – we’ll built it ourselves.  We have craftsmen/women on our team, and a belief - that we can do anything!  The budget, including materials is approximately $23,000, and will take approximately 3-4 weeks to complete.   We have the labor, budget, permits, drawings and community volunteers already committed, but simply need the funds. 

A gift from Jack Daniel’s is a gift that will aspire us to be more, and keep our tradition of giving alive. The performance pavilion would provide more opportunities to mentor.  More opportunities to give back.  And, it would be a true honor for our team to be chosen.   Our passion is waterskiing – our project is to grow our team and raise the level of community performance – and with your help, a performance pavilion will help us continue to inspire others to believe in themselves, or if only for a moment wonder “what if.”

Thank you for your consideration!  For more information about our 501-3c team, you can visit our website at

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