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Introduction: Perfumed Origami Star Lamp

If you need something to bring in a romantic atmosphere elegantly, here is something you can make....out of paper. Yes you heard it right is just an ordinary packing paper none of those expensive craft papers. can make lots of them in a very short time and use as a centerpiece on the table, or lighten up the stairway....

Step 1:

I use an ordinary printing A4 paper for the purpose of making this lantern.

As in origami after folding the paper firm the fold by running your thumb nail over the fold.

1.Take a square piece, length of each side around 20cm should be good.

2. Fold in into 1/2 along the midline in vertically and then horizontally to divide the paper in 4 squares.

3. open the paper and now fold along the diagonal twice to divide it into 4 triangles. open the paper.

4.Fold the midline to get a rectangle.

5.The rectangle has 2triangles at the upper corner. Fold these triangles in their midlines each. Reopen the paper and refold it to the horizontal midline to get another rectangle.

6.Repeat step 5. till all the triangles are divided at their midlines.When you open up the paper you get 8 intersecting lines at the midpoint.

Step 2:

Holding the opened paper at the midpoint push out each flap alternating in and out till you get a cone.

Press together all flaps to one side.

Step 3:

Cut off the upper edge of the cone as shown in the picture. This forms a triangle.

Now fold in each upper end of the corner towards the midline of every flap in the same direction.

Step 4:

Fold down the upper triangle of each flap along the line.

Step 5:

Again fold the upper corners towards the the edge of this fold and open the folds.

Along the marked edges fold the diamond shaped piece inwards. Repeat with all flaps.

We are almost there......

Step 6:

Place the origami with he pointed end down, dig in your fingers in the center from the top and open out the star-from the bottom.

The tealight holder is ready to use.

Step 7: Perfume It!

We need a teaspoon veg oil, a few drops of aroma oil in the veg oil and brush it thinly over the whole origami lamp.

Allow it to settle for 5 minutes

Voila! the romantic perfumed tealight is ready.

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    5 years ago

    Not very clear, I searched on Youtube and found a wonderful video for this:


    Reply 5 years ago

    Hi, am very sorry the instructions weren't clear enough for you to understand. but happy that you found a video on the same. Yes videos are easier to follow and to instruct too.


    Reply 7 years ago

    really?, I know it gets confusing but once you get it right it is quite simple.


    7 years ago

    Just an FYI, after you cut the paper it is no longer considered origami, (ori meaning to fold, and gami meaning paper). Technically your project is Kirigami (Kiri meaning to cut). Other than that, your project looks great!


    Reply 7 years ago

    Thanks.... Didnt know that