Introduction: Periodic Table T-shirt

Hello chemistry students. Welcome to my Instructable. I will show how to make a periodic table t-shirt. You might not be interested in chemistry but you can learn how to print any picture that you want on t-shirts. Not only the periodic table you can put character, your family picture of famous artwork, etc...

Sorry for the bad quality and the disturbing advertisement of the video.................

Step 1: Materials

You don't need many materials to print a picture on t-shirts.

  • Iron
  • Printer
  • T-shirt (Don't use synthetic material, use the only cotton)
  • Transfer paper for a light colored t-shirt
  • Obviously periodic table in high quality
  • scissors


There are two types of transfer paper. One transfer paper is for light colored t-shirts and the second one is for dark colored t-shirts.

The difference between the two transfer papers is that light color transfer paper has a transparent background color and the black one has a white background color.

I will show how to use transfer paper for a light colored t-shirt.

You can buy transfer paper where you can buy office supplies.

Step 2: Find a Periodic Table

Transfer paper for a light colored t-shirts

Before you print a picture on your t-shirt, of course, you will need a picture for a t-shirt. I suggest finding a picture in vector format because it will give you high-quality when you print it out. As the picture shows above, the image must be printed out reversed, so when you print the picture on the t-shirt the letters will be not in the wrong direction.

Normal---------> 90° reversed

APPLE--------> ELPPA

Step 3: Print on the Transfer Paper

You just have to print the picture or periodic table on the white side of the transfer paper, not the striped side.

Step 4: Cut the Printed Picture

You have to cut the paper, so the periodic table has a margin of 1cm.

Step 5: Iron the Transfer Paper

The side you want to print has to face the picture. The iron should be on the maximum heat and without steam. Lay it on top and then iron it for 5 minutes. Apply pressure evenly over the entire transfer paper. Pay particular attention that the edges are heated well so you don't picture rip the picture when you take off the transfer paper. If you iron it too long the t-shirt will burn or the color will be changed.

Step 6: Taking Off the Transfer Paper

You have let it cool until no heat is felt on the picture and then, carefully peel off the transfer paper.

Step 7: Finish

You have finished making your periodic table t-shirt. I hope it was easy to understand and you wear it proudly in your next chemistry class. It will help you a lot in chemistry class. You can try it using various pictures.

Don't iron on your picture printed t-shirt because the heat will melt your picture!

Don't wash the t-shirt for more than 24 hours by over 40 degrees Celsius!

Turn it inside out when you wash it!

HAVE FUN!!!!!!