Introduction: Peripateticism Experience

The work is inspired by zhuang zhou's classic title, "free and easy". The painting is based on the color of blue and purple. The plate is in the shape of a fish, corresponding to the great fish "kun". Concave and convex design in the surface texture, increase the aesthetic feeling. In terms of wheel design, the embossed pattern is added to the wheel, which is composed of mountains in the form of dense ink. It not only symbolizes the flight of “kun” and “peng” around the world, but also enhances the grip of the wheel.

Step 1: The Plate Making

1. Create the t-spline body of a cuboid in the modeling environment and mirror the width and height of its interior.

2. Edit its elements and shape it as a fish.

3.Isolate the mirror image of the height and stretch it appropriately to make the head and tail of the board turn up.

4.Create the surface texture and adjust the edge radian.

5.Punch holes and attach threads in the position of mounting plate bridge.

6.Map the appearance of the board.

Step 2: Plate Bridge and Wheel Production

1. Draw the pad.

2. Draw the sketch of slab bridge and perform a series of operations such as stretching, lofting and filleting to make slab bridge.

3. Plate bridge texture processing.

4. Punch the hole in the corresponding position and attach the corresponding thread.

5. Physical appearance and appearance modification.

6. Draw a sketch of the wheel to stretch and round.

7. Select the physical material and appearance of the wheel.

8. Carve and map the wheel surface in the rendering environment.

Step 3: Parts

1. Design, fabricate and install accessories.

2. Spares and inserts connections between parts.

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