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Introduction: Perler Bead Pokeball

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Everyone loves Pokemon. This instructables will teach you how to make a Pokeball out of perler beads. It isn't perfectly spherical, but it's a nice little trinket to make and it takes about 2 or 3 hours to do so. This is my first instructables, and I'm very eager to make more, but unfortunately my creative skills are limited and I'm excited to learn more. Anyways, here's how to make your very own Perler bead Pokeball...

Step 1: Materials

First off, you will need the following materials:

-White perler beads (approx. 270)
-Red perler beads (approx. 270)
-Black perler beads (approx. 70)
-round perler bead template, 15 beads across
-hot glue gun
-wax paper

Step 2: The Center

This is the center piece of the pokeball. Make 3 rows from the outside of the template in the correct colors, then iron out both sides, taking care to iron as evenly as possible so you dont get a lop-sided pokeball.

Step 3: Second Tier

starting one peg in, make another row of 3 beads in the correct colors, and iron out evenly. You may iron both sides if you please, but for this instructable I have only ironed 1 side of each piece for the remainder of this step-by step process. You are going to need to make 2 of these to make a 3-dimensional pokeball.

Step 4: Third Tier

Again, you'll need two of these. Start 2 pegs in, making two rows of the correct colors. I switched to 2 rows simply to save time and beads, but the center of the pokeball should be sturdy enough to support the rest of the design.

Step 5: Fourth Tier

Start 3 pegs in, 2 rows deep, appropriate colors, again making two of them. Iron and set aside. Halfway there!

Step 6: Fifth Tier

Start 4 rows in, 2 rows deep, and make 2 of them. Iron.

Step 7: Sixth Tier

start 5 rows in, and fill in the entire rest of the template. Again you need to make 2 of them. Iron and set aside.

Step 8: Seventh Tier

Hey, I'm throwing some curve balls now! This time, start 6 rows in, and make one circle of just black beads, and another with a black line in the center, and 2 beads of red and white on either side of the line. Iron, and set aside.

Step 9: End

For this one, take a single black bead and a single white bead and iron them out. this time be sure to place plenty of pressure on the beads, as the white one needs to be more flat to look like a button. When you are done, You should have all the pieces ready to glue! The picture is a representation of all the pieces you should have by now.

Step 10: Gluing Process

Now, you're going to want to plug in your hot glue gun. Set up the pieces in order so you dont glue the wrong piece on first. Begin with the middle piece, and start working on one side of the Pokeball. I had my melted sides facing out, but you may have it the other way if you wish. Place a small strip of glue, about 1 bead wide, all the way around the inside border of each ring, and use the black color of each piece to line it up with the last, ensuring your pokeball will look proper. When you get to the end of the first half, Use the all-black circle with the single white bead, so it looks like the pokeball button.

When you finish the first half, start working on the second half, making sure not to burn yourself with hot glue(as i did) and place each appropriate ring on the other side of your half-finished pokeball. Once you have everything glued together, set it aside for a minute to dry, and go stretch your legs out. :)

Step 11: Finished!

So there you have it, you very own Pokeball! Its not round, but it is a fun little project to do if you have a little time, and are a fan of Pokemon. Overall this little project cost about $12, with the 3 bags of beads and the bead template. You will have plenty of beads left over after this project, so make something else! Thanks to all that read this, and thanks to a very special someone that gave me the ability to tap into my creative artistic side. You know who you are :)

Note: I am in no way affiliated with Pokemon, nintendo, game freak, etc. I am just a nerdy guy that loves him some pokemon :D

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