Introduction: Perler Bead Steve

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I will show you how to make your very own perler bead Minecraft Character! They will have moving arms and their head can rotate!

Step 1: Gather Your Items

To make any character, you will need:

-1168 beads
-Square bead board
-An iron
-Ironing paper

If you are making Steve, you will need indigo, cyan, gray, light brown, dark brown, white, and blue. If you are making your own skin, then get the colors your skin uses.

Step 2: Making the Legs

In this step you will make and interlock the pieces for the legs. If you are making Steve, you will need indigo, cyan, and gray beads. Here is a picture showing what to make. You have to make two.

Step 3: Making the Body

In this step, you're going to make the torso. For Steve, you will need cyan and light brown beads. Here is the picture showing what to make.

Step 4: Making the Arms

To make the arms, you will need light brown and cyan beads. As usual, here is the picture showing how to make them. You have to make two.

Step 5: Making the Head

I screwed up on the back of my guys head. For the head, you will need light brown, darker brown, white, and blue. I gave mine a bald spot by accident. Here is the usual picture showing what to make.

Step 6: Check Your Pieces

If you assembled all the pieces right in the last steps, you should end up with the picture below, but with a different design(probably).

Step 7: Assembling

Cut the toothpicks in half using whatever you wish. Then, stick the toothpicks in the body as shown below. Then attatch the limbs to the body so it looks natural.

Step 8: Check Your Work

Ask yourself these questions. Does it look right? Did you switch a leg and arm? Did you put in a piece upside-down? Do all the parts move?

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