Introduction: Perler Bead/Sticky Note Art Templates

There is already a lot of great Instructables showing how to make 8 bit characters with perler beads so this not an Instructable per se but more some patterns that I enjoyed making. They can just as easily be used for post it art which as of this morning was trending pretty heavy. I would suggest you first check out the Instructables on those two crafts and then hopefully you will find these patterns helpful. Each step is three patterns, this was so the picture would still be a decent size. Please keep in mind that the images when done will be a reverse direction from the picture, if you want them to face the other direction you will have to reverse the image before creating.

Step 1:

Step 2: Patterns

Step 3: More Patterns

Step 4: Still More

Step 5: More

Step 6: Almost Done

Step 7: Finale