Introduction: Persistence of Vision

"This instructable was created in fulfillment of the project requirement of the Makecourse at the University of South Florida ("

Hey Guys!

My Project is a POV! (Persistence of Vision!)

It is 3D printed using Inventor, and is coded using the Arduino 1.6.3 software.

Its pretty cool, I programmed it to say "MAKE". The wand and Arduino box are connected through Velcro, my favorite. It is also powered by a regular fan motor. I bought one from Lowes for about 10$ and cut out the motor. Pretty Simple. You can play with your own, and use my code- all you have to do is play with the timing.


where it says

"delay(*insert microseconds here*);"

pick and play with times that will work with you. It just so happened 10-12 seconds worked for me and the speed of my motor.

Also, the last timer "Z" which is my blank byte, has a longer delay, to allow the revolution of the wand to catch up with the cycle of LED lights and recreate the image for the eyes to see!

Step 1: Code

This code uses the Interrupt Routine Service created by Prof. Rudy Schlaf, University of South Florida.