Introduction: Persona Project

"Persona Project" electronic weareable device tag who can show your name for meetings, commercial presentations or funny messages for events.

  • Can show messages to your friend, customers, waiters, presentations
  • Loop messages
  • 3 type of diferent texts sizes: 4linesx16chars, 2x8 and 1x4
  • Text with flashes
  • Lightweight
  • You can wear it on your tie, shirt, pocket...
  • Very low power consumption
  • Can be powered with your phone directly, or an external powerbank.
  • Low cost
  • Easy to build
  • Easy mod for other power sources like Lipo battery or twin CR-2032


You need this supplies:

  • 3d printer with PLA filament
  • Solder
  • 4 x wires (red, yellow, green, black)
  • 1 x 0.91"OLED Display i2c type OLED
  • 1 x Digispark ATTINY85 Lilypad Nano Lilypad

Step 1: Print the Case

Print the case with 3d printer. Using PLA filament.

You can download my model from this TinkerCad url.

Step 2: Prepare Supplies

Cut wires about 4 inch (10 cm).

Is better idea to use silicon quality wires.

(note: the rule is in cm)

Step 3: Use Your Solder

Pay attention with wire colors and the order:

  • Green to pin "P0"
  • Yellow to pin "P2"
  • Red to pin "5V"
  • Black to pin "GND"

Step 4: Measure, Cut and Weld OLED Display

Cut wires and strip, weld cables same order and put covers to close the device

Step 5: Fold With Solder Heat

Close solder to middle of frontal cap and apply hot. Fold carefully. Don't overheat the PLA plastic. Be patient :)

Step 6: Upload Program With Arduino IDE

  • Unzip attached file PersonaProject.rar
  • Open Arduino IDE
  • Open the PersonaProject.ino file who is located into the PersonaProject folder
  • Set board to Digispark (default - 16.5mhz)
  • Compile&send
  • Enjoy

If need Digispark ATTiny85 Nano drivers or Arduino libraries,

Here driver

Here library

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