Introduction: Personal Belongings Reminder

I believe we all have some similar experiences of forgetting to take our belongings with us after leave our house. That's a common mistake we make in our every common daily life. To avoid that, I have an idea of a device that can remind us to form forgetting those belongings. In this instructable project, I'm gonna use an Arduino Leonardo circuit to create a machine that will remind a list of belongings that we need to bring while going outdoors so that we can check if we bring it or not. After you check through all of the belongings, the motor will move, and the lock turns so the door can be open and you can go outdoors with all of your belongings with you.


Step 1: Connect Components

As the diagram shows, plug the components on to the breadboard and don't forget to connect the breadboard with the Arduino circuit.

(the resistance in the diagram should be the blue one, not the yellow one)

Step 2: Code

I use Ardublock to build up the code.

The link of the code:

  • You can change the items to whatever you need according to your daily life, in the video at the beginning, I only "mask" for the belonging remind. But in this code, I also add a phone, wallet, and umbrella into the list.

Remember to download these libraries into your code




Step 3: Make the Paper Gate Lock

As the video showed, I use paper boards to cut them into the shape I want for the door lock (there are specific length and size of how I cut it you can refer it in the video above) And then, because I realize the paper board is not thick enough, I cut another piece of the same shape and glue them together. In the end, I use tape to fix the paper board on to the servos motor. After testing the paper board can move well, the easy paper gate lock part is done!

Step 4: Decoration

I decorate my machine by hiding those circuit and wires into a paper box, there are no size limits to the box, I just cut it into the size I want and cut some holes for the LCD screen and Push-button to show up. You can also paint the box into the color you want, I paint it black for example. (remember to use archly instead of using watercolor paint so that the paint will dry up easier)

Step 5: Done!

You can set it on the door or put it beside the door, and you can also change the list of belongings according to your daily need.