Personal Plastic Bag Holder

Introduction: Personal Plastic Bag Holder

Do you also have so many plastic bags lying around all over? Or a large bag full of various sizes so that you can never find the right size.

That is all over now.

With this personal plastic bag holder you can keep everything neatly together and you always have the right suitable bag within reach? And it looks nice too.

If you use a shirt of a loved one who is no longer there, you also have a nice memento of this person.

Step 1: Supplies

1 coat rack


Plastic tube (I used a plastic bottle and cut the top and bottom)

1 old shirt

Step 2: Prepare the Coat Rack

Remove the clips so you have a narrow straight coat rack.

Step 3: Prepare the Tube

If you use a bottle to cut the tube, you can secure the edges with tape.

You can add more than 1 tube if you want. Then you can put more than 1 roll of sacs in it.

Step 4: Prepare Shirt

First remove the pockets and the buttons. We will use one pocket later on so keep that one aside.

Cut the sleeves on the length you want them to be. Sew a tunnel along the cut edge of the sleeve. This is necessary to thread elastic later.

Step 5: Prepare the Panels

Cut the panels to the width of the coat rack, don't forget to add a seam width. Put the front pieces together as if the buttons were closed. Sew them together along the yellow line.

Step 6: Sew Front and Back Together

Cut the yellow parts. The middle part needs to be the length of your plastic tube plus a seam on both sides. Sew the pocket in the middle on the front side. Place front and back pieces right sides together. Sew the yellow lines. Pull right side out again.

Step 7: Seam the Roll Part

Make a seam along the yellow lines.

Step 8: Make the Tunnel for the Tube

Measure the circumference of the tube. Cut the lower part on the same length of the circumference of the tube. Take the seam into account. Turn shirt inside out and sew the seam. Turn back right and sew the yellow line on the top of the tube.

Step 9: Final Step

Sew the sleeves upside down along the shirt. Put the elastic in and put the tube in.

The bag holder is ready to use now

Step 10: View the Video and See How You Can Use the Bag Holder

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