Introduction: Personal Weather Station Using Arduino UNO & DHT11 Sensor - IoT

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A personal weather station using the Arduino Uno, DHT11 sensor and the ESP8266 module. The cloud platform used here is thingspeak.

The link to the weather stations is as follows:

Step 1: Materials Required

1) Arduino UNO

2) DHT11 Sensor

3) ESP8266 Module

4) Breadboard and a few jumpers

Step 2: Connections

1) Connect the ESP Module as per the diagram except for the Tx-Rx pin. Connect them to the pin nos. you've defined in your code. For ex. in my case it was 6,7'

2) DHT11 sensor O/P pin was connected to the A0 pin, and the other two pins to Vcc and GND.

That's it for the connection. Nothing more than that.

Step 3: The Code

The code is very much understandable with comments mentioned beside the line of codes. The link is as follows:

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