Introduction: Personalise Christmas Baubles!

So we have all been to the shopping centres around Christmas and seen the personalised bauble stations...well this year I thought it would be fun to create my own!

This would be a great activity for kids! (With some help of course)

Step 1: Things Needed!

Okay so you're going to need a few things before you start!

- Christmas baubles (which ever colour or size you want)
- A stencil (either brought or printed out like I've done)
- Glitter Glue
- Glitter
- Stanley Knife
- Ribbon
- Christmas Stickers
- Hot Glue Gun (and glue)
- Plastic Cups

Step 2: Prepare Your Stencil

Now if you brought a stencil that's awesome but I had to print mine out.

If you do print the stencil out, pick a large font and make it simple! You have to be able to cut it out!

So once you've printed it out, CAREFULLY cut out each letter or shape individually!

Hold the stencil tight across the bauble and use your glitter glue to stencil it out, lift the stencil carefully straight up so it doesn't smudge. You can sprinkle glitter over the glitter glue for different effects!

Continue until you've gotten your desired look.

You can use the plastic cup to hold the bauble while it dries (it does take a while!)

Step 3: Dried and Ready for Ribbon!

Once the glitter glue is completely dried you can then choose your desired ribbon colour! Measure the ribbon around your bauble and then hot glue gun it in place (I tried using glitter glue so you couldn't see anything but the ribbon ended up falling off)

Once the ribbon has been glued into place you can then stick on your Christmas stickers! I found cute 3D holly and hot glued them at the top to neaten the bauble up!

Just have fun with it!

Step 4: Hang It on the Tree!

Now it's all dried and your happy with the outcome, go and hang it on your tree!

A fun family activity for the holidays!