Introduction: Personalize the Gift Card

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Okay so it's Christmas eve and the procrastinator i am is just now deciding to rap his presents. This year i didn't know what to get my sister so i just bought her a gift card for Teavana. Now, this does sound like a nice gift as many people nowadays turn to gift cards; however, i still feel like they are slightly impersonal. So, i decided to wrap it in a way that says "And you thought gift cards were impersonal, HA!"

Lets begin.

Step 1: Materials

Gift Card (or anything small and able to fit into an envelope)
Spare time (i was bored and just listened to music while doing this)
Rubber Bands
Paper clips (optional)

Step 2: Begin Wrapping

Okay so this -able is pretty straight forward. We are going to use rubber bands to wrap the gift card. Start in the middle and work your way to either sides going one rubber band at a time. Make sure that there are no twists in the rubber band, otherwise it wont lay flat and will look like you just took two minutes and slapped a few rubber bands onto an envelope. Well....hopefully this will take a few more than two minutes, and hopefully the message that "no, this is a personal idea, otherwise i wouldnt have spent time wrapping it". Finish progressing rubber band by rubber band until you reach the very edges of the card. The card will begin to curve to one side or the other. To prevent this from getting too out of control, try to bend the card such that it forms an "S" shape. This will prevent the card from entirely bending in half. You will know when you get too far as the rubber bands will begin to slip off, once this happens, remove that band and double layer the ends (only double that last 2 or 3 bands per side).

There you have it, a personalized gift card.

Step 3: Finishing Touches

If you would like to go a step further and add a ribbon and bow, the only materials needed are a few paper clips.

Transverse one final rubber band across the others (perpendicular to them). Then alternate the paper clips so that its one high, one low, one high, etc (hard to explain. look at the picture). Then carefully align the clips so that they stand upright and you have just created a paper clip bow on a rubber band ribbon and a rubber band wrapped PERSONAL gift card.

I know many of you aren't impressed. I only posted it because i was bored and it looked kinda cool when i was done, so please, no harsh comments. This is intended for the people that feel the same way about gift cards and would like to at a simple touch.