Introduction: Custom Bike Paint

Hi everyone this is my first insructable I hope you'll enjoy it !

Step 1: Frame Sanding

The First step is the removal of the old paint. We have several techniques to do it:
-the most famous is sanding so basically you grab a piece of sand paper and rub it around your frame.
-the chemical way by taking caustic soda and wallpaper glue, stir them together and apply them on the frame or buying an industrial product but it's very expensive. This technique don't works every time if you have epoxy paint it will not work.
-then there is the heatgun way I used this one because it's not expensive (10-15€) and it's very fast. You just have to heat the paint and it will take off.

Step 2: Preparing the Design

Create your dream design to print it, I used it's free and easy to use. Print the result on adhesive sheet of paper.
Or just cut existing sticker.

Step 3: The First Layers

The first layer is Primer spray paint, like that the paint will hold on to the bike.
I didn't put Primer because I'm a thug ;) and yet the paint is holding on.

Here come the painting step, so work in an aerated space like outside or a garage with the door open and protect everything around the painting area that way you have a clean space. Use a mask to avoid inhaling paint and gloves also clothes you can work with and can handle the paint.

For the paint I use the spray method with some random sprays(Montana 94) found in a graffiti shop for 3€ (french price).
If you have a big compressor with a good flow you can buy a painting gun, it's how all professionals do it.

Step 4: Put Your Custom Decals

That's why it's important to print your design on adhesive paper.

Step 5: Final Layers

Recover everything in the color of your choice. Remove the stickers carefully and before it dry's. Then put at least 2 layers of varnish I used montana 94 varnish as well but it's better to use bi-component varnish.

Step 6: Enjoy Your Awesome Custom Bike

I'm using this frame as a fixed gear bike (fixie) these kind of bikes need to have style.

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