Personalized 'Bobbley' Jewelry Bracelet




Introduction: Personalized 'Bobbley' Jewelry Bracelet

About: I started out ripping apart shoes and adding "James Bond" features to them when I was about 7....the rest is Tinkering History!

Not knowing what small project of mine to add to Instructables for my first....I ran across a jewelry contest... Here is my very first Instructable.

Hope You Enjoy!

Supplies Needed: everything can be easily found at your local craft supply retailer

*jewelry chain-(depends on personal preference, I chose 2 different colors and styles)
      **2 - 8.5 inch lengths of 'braided' gunmetal chain (I left 2.5 inch 'tails' after clasp for added detail)
      **1 - 6 inch length of 'linked' black chain

*handful of jump rings - varying sizes and colors if you wish

*1 lobster claw clasp

*assorted bead bobbles - I always keep a random assortment on hand

*1 coin nickel (Thanks Mrballeng for the inspiration)

*handful of pre-made and scrap headpins

Tools Needed:

*jewelry pliers (looping pliers, needle-nose pliers, etc.)

*55 lb. anvil

*2 lb. hammer

*1/8th inch steel stamping set

*drill - with small metal bit

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Thank YOU!! I am very excited to have some of my work on this awesome site!!