Introduction: Personalized Car USB Charger

I received a free car charger that promoted some company. I liked it because it was free and it had two chargers. I hated it because it was so bright, blinding me with adversing. I originally covered it up with duct tape, but wanted something a bit more me.

Step 1: Prep the Car Charger

I lightly sanded the charger face to take the original logo off. Then I measured the highest points of the oval in height and width.

Step 2: Make Your Sticker

After taking the measurements, I made an oval using those two points. I didn't expect this to be perfect. Once I had my outline, I put my design in the oval shape. I made the sticker using the vinyl cutter at Techshop. They have vinyl at the front desk with lots of colors and decent prices. This is super useful especially if you just want a foot to try out.

Once it is cut, it is time for weeding. Weeding is removing the other parts of the vinyl you don't want. This is the trickiest part and requires some patience. Once you have an edge started, just start peeling away. Once it is done, it feels awesome to have your own sticker! I made multiple designs in one shot, So once i had one I cut it away from everything else.

Now it is time to put transfer paper on top of your sticker so you can position it to what you want. The transfer paper is sticky but not as sticky as your vinyl sticker. Place the transfer tape on you vinyl sticker. Use a spreader or credit card and wipe over the sticker to make air bubbles go away.

Step 3: Place Your Sticker

Now remove the release liner which is the bottom sheet. You should have the transfer paper and your sticker exposed and ready to stick! Place it on the charger and use the credit card to firmly place it on. Now its ready to be plugged into your car!