Personalized Firefly Dog Tags - the Last of Us

Introduction: Personalized Firefly Dog Tags - the Last of Us

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Today i'll show you how to make your own personalized Firefly dog tags from the game "The Last of Us". These are pretty simple to make, cost less than $20, and can be done in a day! The project can also be done for less that $10 if you already have the required tools.


Steel Stamping Set: $10

1 1/4 inch Dog tag: $5

Army Surplus Dog Tag Chain: $3

Step 1: Trim and Prep Tag

First, mount the dog tag in a vise so that you can safely trim away the top of the tag with a Dremel tool. Be sure to take your time at this part as it is very easy to cut to far into the tag. Next, lightly sand the surface of the tag in order to achieve a more worn/aged look. At this time you should also add any weathering/rust effects to the tag, as adding them later may damage or even remove the painted on Firefly symbol. Lastly, drill the hole for the chain to run through. Make sure to finish the inside of the hole sand paper as rough edges will catch on the individual beads of the chain.

Step 2: Stamp

Next, using the punch set, stamp out your name. Instead of stamping a random id number after that, I used my birthday. Be sure that in the next step you position your stencil parallel to the type in order to have the type and symbol properly aligned with each other.

*Note: While Home Depot used to carry stamping sets in store, they are now on line only (at least in my area). A good alternative is Harbor Freight, as the have them in store are come out to about $10 after using the 20% off coupon from the newspaper.

Step 3: Make Stencil and Spray

Using an exacto knife, I cut out an image of the symbol I found online. Then, I carefully laid it over the tag and painted it with some dark grey spray paint. If possible print out the symbol on card stock. This will allow for much easier painting, as the card stock will not soak up paint and get soggy like normal computer paper.

Link for the image I used:

Step 4: Thats It!

Thats it! If please leave any comments, question and criticisms in the comments below! Also check out my youtube channel for new diy's every week!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    That turned out looking amazing! Thanks for sharing such a wonderful project!