Personalized Glitter Phone Case

Introduction: Personalized Glitter Phone Case

Here I'm delivering another of my ideas and another phone case tutorial - Personalized glitter phone case! Make it your own by printing your favourite design and use any colour or glitter on the back of it! It really looks amazing, so sparkly and unique.

You can watch my video tutorial here:

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or read full instructions in the following steps.

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Step 1: Materials

Sheet of thin acetate printed with my design on a laser printer - I got mine printed in a printer shop, but I am sure you can have yours done at home even on an inject printer. Just make sure you use the right printable acetate sheets with it and as thin as possible. They can be ordered online, Xerox makes them for sure. But if in doubt, have it printed elsewhere, don't just use any acetate sheet you can find as that could mean an end to your printer friend :)

Clear silicone rubber case - not the hard plastic one(there is not enough space to accommodate all the glitter and it does't fit as it should as a result of it) I bought mine from Ebay for around $3

Fine permanent marker pen (non permanent pen will smudge)


Exacto Knife

Cutting mat

Mod Podge


A brush

Fine silver glitter

Step 2: Trace and Cut

Trace around your phone with a fine permanent marker pen and use scissors to cut it out. Insert your design into the clear case and trace around the camera hole, then take it out and using an exact knife, cut out the hole on a cutting mat.

Step 3: Glue and Glitter

Using a fine brush, apply a nice coating of Mod Podge on the shiny - not the printed side (just in case your design was printed on an inject printer as I'm not sure how would the ink react with Mod Podge)

Cover it with a good amount of glitter and let it dry for couple of hours.

Step 4: Second Coating

Once the first coat of glitter and glue is dry, remove all the excess glitter and apply 'the wash' (one part of Mod Podge to one part of glitter mixed together) the idea of the wash is to cover and glue the rest of the glitter which is loose as you really don't wan't any tiny glitter particles getting into your phone (Or maybe you do and in that case ignore this step :-))

Let this dry thoroughly for another couple of hours and that's it! Insert this design into your clear case and start making those super important phone calls to your friends and family :) Yea and don't forget to ideally stand in the Sun to get the case extra sparkly, blinding all the people around you :D

Have fun guys! xxx

Step 5: Done and Dusted

Step 6:

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