Personalized Mugs- Give Them a New Look!




Introduction: Personalized Mugs- Give Them a New Look!

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This is my first instructable, so I decided to keep it simple. This is an idea my sister came up with ( I have no idea where), but I modified it a little bit and it turned out even better! The pictures are from one of the first ones I made, I was still trying to experiment with it, it looks a lot better once you did it a few times. I used it so much the writing came of a bit, I'll make it again soon.

Step 1: Materials

You really don't need much for this. Here is the list:

- mug(s) (white is best, you can do a lot more with it) IMPORTANT: make sure the mugs don't have that shine on them, simple way to check this is by touching the inside of the mug, if it feels the same way than the outside, then you're good.

- NOT-erasable markers- it is really important for later ( I use Sharpies but anything else will work too), they can be any color you want but I noticed some colors, like purple and pink , fade away; and other colors, like yellow or orange, will become darker. But that can still look nice!

- paper towel of some sort and water (I also used those ear-cleaning things, really usefull)

- oven (not really a material, but essential)

Step 2: Clean the Mug

It might seem stupid, but it is REALLY, REALLY important to clean the mug properly. You can rinse it under water and then rub it with a paper towel to remove any filth or oil from the mug. The first time I did this, I worked for 2 hours on my mug, but it came out all ruined because there was some oil on it. So, clean the cup!

Step 3: Get Creative!

I cannot tell you how to do this. Just draw, write, be an artist with your mug and your markers. You can copy quotes, or draw a colorful pattern,... It's all up to you! But this is really IMPORTANT: DO NOT write/draw ANYTHING inside the mug and onto the rim of the mug. We don't want you to get sick by having swallowed ink from the markers. You can easily remove anything from the mug by rubbing some water on the desired area.

Step 4: Bake the Mug

The last step is putting your mug in the oven to fix the ink. I put it at 200℃ approximately ( 400℉) for about 30 minutes. I recommend checking on the cup every once in a while when it's "baking", to make sure nothing goes wrong.

Step 5: Impress Everyone

When you get the mugs out of the oven, be sure to take them with gloves and to let them cool down for a while. Your mugs are ready! IMPORTANT: ALWAYS rinse your mugs by hand in the sink, a dishwasher might damage them permanently. (Meaning everything you put on there will go away)

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    @spyder2021: Yes that would indeed be better, I made other ones later on, and it stays on better. But I also use this one really often, so that's why it goes away so fast. Thank you!


    9 years ago

    how well does it stay on. would it be best to make 1 thick coat, or do 1 coat... bake... do another coat... bake... and repeat a few times? great idea by the way.