Introduction: Personalized Party Cups

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I’m planning a few parties this summer, and I have been desperate to find unique ways to make each one special.
The first party I’m planning is for my boyfriend and the new officers that will be relocating to the Keys. His class is graduating from the FWC law enforcement academy this summer. I found some hunter green SOLO cups at our dollar store and loved the fact that they match the uniform, so I bought a bunch. It wasn’t until recently that I decided to personalize the cups.

Step 1: Things I Used

1- Printout of the thing you want on the cups.  Make sure you size them to fit the cups the way you want. Print on regular paper. You can see I used our logo and badge.
** Card stock is too thick and won’t stay down.

2- SOLO Cups. The green ones were a strange shape they are kind of square and have a texture to them. I’m sure the standard round cups would work better.

3- Exact-o knife & Scissors (I used both because I am a perfectionist)

4- Mod Podge. I think Matte turned out best.

5- Paint Brush and water to rinse.

Step 2: Cut & Glue

1- Cut out the logo and make sure it fits the cup the way you had envisioned.

2- Put a good amount of Mod Podge on the surface of the cup that the logo will be fixed to.

3- Line up the logo and paint Mod Podge working from one edge to the other, working out trapped air as you go.

4- After it dries add one more coat of Mod Podge for good measure :)

I have tested with cold beverages, it sweets a little, but the logo does not peel. I even rinsed and washed out the inside and they hold up surprisingly well! Good news for those of us who reuse everything :)  When it’s wet, you see the glue… a little, but it doesn’t breakdown.

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