Introduction: Personalized Crockpot Trivet

I just had moved into my house and was looking for something for my kitchen. It works great for keeping the hot crockpot away from my countertop. When it's not being used, it's nice decoration for the kitchen counter. For me this was a quick $20 (actually more like $17) project. It may very in cost for anyone else depending on the supplies you already have on hand or if you want to go and make the board yourself.

Step 1: Supplies

This idea really came from a late night shopping trip to walmart lol. They had this craft board for $5 that caught my attention. Mine came already painted gray, I saw on their website they have this natural one you could paint to whatever color you choose and the idea went on from there. (You could make the board yourself with scrap wood and a nail gun too... I wanted a super quick project.)

Craft wood board with support boards underneath. $5

Because I was in the craft isle at Wallyworld I got the expensive Martha Stewart acrylic paint to match the color of the board. You can use whatever paint you want, as long as you remember that it's got to be sealed for food safety when you are done. I got Wolf gray and pearl white for the finishing detail. About $2 each

Clear coat spray. I had some around the garage, it was a high gloss. I think if I re-did this project it would be in a matte finish.

Of course you need a pencil and ruler.

I always have brushes and sponge brushes on hand, need those.

My drill with drill bits to start the holes in the wood for the handles.

A screwdriver, because I didn't want to ruin the handles by using the drill.

Kitchen Drawer Pulls. These were leftover ones in my garage. You can get these just about anywhere. Walmart has some that range in price from $2 - $10. They come in one packs, or multi packs.

Black Sharpie or Paint Pen or Paint (optional) - I had a bunch of paint pens around the house so I used that to trace around my design.

Sand paper (Optional) - multi grit - if you want to go for a distressed look

Stencil (optional)

Step 2: I'm Board...

Paint your board your main color. I actually went over mine even though I bought it pre-painted. I also painted the backside, but that is your choice. Once the first coat is dry, paint a second coat if it needs it. You can also sand away some of the paint for that old barn wood look. I did a little of that around the corners and edges. I took a couple of passes with 60 grit sandpaper to loosen up the paint, and then use 120 grit to clean it up.

Once that is dry I sketched on a K (For Katie!) in the center of my board.

I then used about a inch wide paint brush to paint the K using the pearl white paint. I had to paint several layers of this so the color popped.

Optional - I thought it was really hard to see my K so I traced it with a black paint marker to make it stand out. If ever re-done I'd probably just use a thicker white paint and leave it kind of hidden on the board.

Here I laid out where I wanted my handles to go and traced a mark on the board. I then used the drill to cut small holes just smaller than the screws that came with my kitchen drawer pulls.

I sprayed the whole thing with clear coat, top and bottom.

Once it was dry I screwed in the kitchen drawer pulls, one on each side.

And voila! It's done!