Introduction: Personalized Snowflakes

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I was on a youth retreat in January. The speaker was talking about everyone being gifted with something; whether it was being gifted with a talent for music, or gifted with the ability to help others...for everyone it was something different. I thought about how that's like a snowflake - being unique. So I thought I'd make a snowflake for each of the people that were there to have as a reminder...over the past year I've evolved the process and for Christmas all my family & and extended family have received this personalized gift

~ A snowflake made of their NAME!

Step 1: Choose Your Materials...

I found that not all papers & scissors lend themselves well to making paper snowflakes...

For the paper, I've used:

  • Regular 20lb bond paper
  • Tracing paper
  • Business card stock
  • Paper backing from shipping labels

For the scissors, I've used:

  • Pinking shears - for that zig-zaggy look
  • General purpose adult scissors
  • Smaller, pointy scissors

Step 2: Gather Your Materials...

The materials you'll need are:

  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Your choice of scissors
  • Your choice of paper
  • Glue Stick
  • Cover Stock / Card Stock / Construction Paper
  • Laminator, Pouches, Carrier
  • String / Magnet


  • Glitter / Glitter Glue
  • Q-Tip

Step 3: Start With a Square...

To make your snowflake, you need a square. Most paper is 8-1/2 x 11, so we'll use that as an example.

Find the length of your shortest side, so that is 8-1/2". You can use a paper trimmer, guillotine or scissors

Guillotine or trimmer: Measure 8-1/2" on your long side and line it up on the guide and cut

Scissors: Fold your paper diagonally so that the short edge lines up with the long edge.

Crease, and trim off the excess. You now have a square.

Step 4: Turn Your Square Into a Folded Triangle...

Take your square, and fold it diagonally so that the edges match up.

Fold your triangle in half to form a crease in the middle, then unfold

Fold the outer edges inward to line up with the crease

Then fold everything inward (like a sandwich) This will hold your paper layers together better


***This is a little different folding technique than the traditional 6-sided snowflake, because it would be too thick to cut.***

Step 5: Let's Start With a Name...

Use a pencil and "write" the person's name. It takes a bit of practice to get the name to fit or the letters evenly spaced.

To make your snowflake more stable, have a letter reach both sides - here, it is the capital "E" So you can see it better, I used pen

Step 6: Cut Into the Underside...

Use your scissors to cut into the underside of each letter for definition

Since this is a folded edge, I left some of the paper fold still attached to hold it together

Step 7: Cut Into the Upper Side...

Using your scissors, cut around each letter for definition

Step 8: Cutting in Details...

There are some areas that need more cut-away definition

Fold your paper and pinch together and hold firmly while cutting an entry notch

With the entry notch cut out, you can now cut more detail. Letters like "a, b, d, g, p, q" you would cut a notch to cut more detail inside

Okay, if there's a bit of unused space, feel free to cut out a triangle notch or curve, heart or snowflake shape

Step 9: Finishing Touches...

Now, gently unfold your wonderful creation

I use the laminator to "iron" out the fold creases - you can use an iron too

A carrier holds your paper while it travels through the laminator

If you don't have a carrier, a large envelope works too

There! Now to preserve them...

Step 10: Now, to Preserve Them...

Cut a piece of coloured card stock or construction paper to 8-1/2" x 8-1/2" size

Using a glue stick, lightly tack the corner pieces in the corners just to hold the snowflake's position

Trim the card stock around the edges.

**OPTIONAL** If you want to apply glitter , you can use a q-tip

When your glitter glue is dry, laminate it!

Flip your creation over, sign it, date it, and hot glue the magnet/string in place

Step 11: Some Final Pics...

If you can't figure out the name, the answer is up above in the corner

I've made more than a hundred of these & every one is so different

I like the curly-q's on the capital letters and the negative spaces you see with the coloured paper


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