Introduction: Pesto Egg Crepe

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Green breakfast!

Step 1: Slice Tomato

Find a gorgeous heirloom tomato at your local farmers' market. Cut it into nice big thick slices. Thinly slice a purple onion as well.

Step 2: Cook Egg Crepe

Spray canola oil onto your frying pan. Turn on the burner, but don't wait for the pan to warm up. Immediately dump in egg whites (or beaten eggs if you prefer) then add a scoop of pesto and stir in before the eggs begin to set.

Flip your green egg crepe to lightly cook the other side.

Step 3: Assemble

Dump the crepe onto a plate. Add tomato slices, purple onion slices, and more dollops of pesto as you like. Fold over, taco-style, and use leftover ingredients to make an attractive yuppie garnish.