Introduction: Pesto Egg Omellete Recipe

Hello there! I'm here to teach you how to make a Pesto Egg Omelette. Hope you enjoy and good luck! Remember, if you are having any trouble with a step, watch the video attached to help guide you.

*=Tip, use this along the way to make the best omelette

Step 1: Materials:

- 2 eggs

- ½ teaspoon of Milk

- Olive Oil (or any you have, it will work the same way)

- Paper towel

- Tablespoon of green onion

- 2 tablespoons of Pesto sauce(or how much you desire), the saucy the better.

- Fork


- Bowl


- Basic seasoning(salt and pepper)

- Any size pan

- Wooden spatula

-Wooden board / something to cut on

Step 2: ​Heating the Pan:

-Take your pan, and put it on the stove

- Gently pour your oil into the pan.

- Next, take your paper towel, and wipe the oil around in the pan, creating an even surface to work on.

*This will also reduce the amount of oil in the pan.

- Finally, put your pan on LOW heat. If you have it on too much of a flame, you won’t have much time to make your egg mixture. We only want to warm the oil a bit, it will be easier to cook the egg.

Step 3: ​Mixing the Ingredients:

Mix the following ingredients:

- 2 eggs

- ½ teaspoon of Milk

- With a fork, you will mix these ingredients. In a repetitive whisking motion, make sure to fold all the ingredients together to create a fluffy, light yellow color.

Step 4: ​Cooking:

- Now that the oil on the pan is warm, it is perfect to cook the egg. Pour the egg mixture, slowly, into your pan. Let the egg sit for about 3 minutes, without touching/stirring it.

- After a few minutes, the bottom of the egg mixture should start to form a whitish color. This means there is a firmer base to put the pesto on.

*Tip: Pesto is heavy, It is an oil, cheese, nuts and basil puree. Having a firmer base on the egg before putting it on is most easier. If you put the pesto one when the egg is still in liquid form, the omelet will take forever form(won’t be an omelet).

Step 5: Folding

- Taking a spoon(of any kind), gently pour the pesto onto one side of the egg. I had a spot on my pesto container, so I just squeezed out the desired amount.

- Wait another minute.

- Add the seasoning NOW.

*Tip: Adding the seasoning when the eggs are not cooked/still liquid, will make them watery.

- Now that there is a stronger base for the egg to fold, take you wooden spatula and go around the pan under the egg. This will help you ensure the egg is ready to fold.

- Put your spatula under the side of the egg that doesn’t have the pesto on it.

- Slowly flip that side to the side with pesto, making sure the egg doesn’t crack. This part can be tedious, and the egg could break.

Step 6: ​Serving:

- You have finished! Now you just have to serve the egg. This part is the most creative. You can put anything you want on your egg, whatever you prefer. This is how I usually serve mine...

- One chopped up tomato

- One tablespoon of hummus

-A few Green onions

Step 7: FEAST!!!

You have finished my friend, good job! Know you can eat your wonderful dish. Thank you again. ENJOY!

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