Introduction: Pesto Freezing Method

Here is a quick one on how I like to freeze pesto. The short version is that I put the fresh pesto in a decent Ziploc back, cut a corner of the bag (1/2" size hole) and squeeze like icing into ice cube trays. Freeze the trays and then transfer into freezer bags. I freeze mine with the cheese in there. when we want pesto in the middle to winter, we just pop out a couple of cubes and toss in the dish. Much easier than carving out of a large frozen block... I also do a few tricks to keep it from oxidizing while freezing etc.

I’ve also included my favorite recipe and a few gratuitous close-ups of the green goop. There is a good instructable on actually making there stuff here.

Any comments or actual hard facts on why not freeze the pureed cheese with the pesto? I always see advice on not doing that but have had bad experience with it… I suppose it may taste slightly fresher if done when thawed but I cant tell the dif…

Step 1: Make Pesto and Put in Ziplock Type Bag

Make lots of pesto at once.

I like the recipe below - simple and good. But I am going to try some of the other ingrediants that this person put up here.

The pesto recipe comes from the Produce Station in Ann Arbor. Oh how we miss Ann Arbor...

Step 2: Get Out Ice Cube Trays and Cut Bag

Remove ice. Place in your drink or give to the dog.

Line up your ice trays.

Cut a corner of the bag (not the corner where the zipper is...) with a pair of scissors - i think a 1/2 inch size hole is good. Be careful that is does not start squirting out as soon as you cut the bag...

Step 3: Squeeze It. Its Fun.

Squeeze the pesto into each cube section. Do not overfill. Better to do more batches than overfill it and have a mess on your hands.

After the trays are full, level off the pesto, cover with saran wrap and press saran wrap into the pesto. This reduces oxidation (dark green color).

Step 4: Freeze and Bag.

Freeze in the tray for a few hours. Then transfer to a freezer bag for long term storage.

Its best to get as much air out of the bag as possible. Vacuum sealing would be ideal.

Anyone have a DIY for a vacuum bagging system?

Now, when you need pesto for one, two or five, you have the chunks ready to go. I buy into the conspiracy theories that microwaving kills the good stuff in veggies so I just let them thaw slowly if I cant just throw it in with the hot food. They thaw pretty quickly anyway because of the olive oil....