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Introduction: Pet (plastic) Bottle Caddy!

About: I'm a mom of 4 and I love to craft! Anything and Everything interests me and i love to create in the process of learning.

With the world being so polluted we should start recycling. Where better to start encouraging then in school!
Here is a simple art/ anything caddy, using Pet bottles. It is  a good project for both boys and girls as it uses the basic skills necessary for both simple carpentry and  sewing.
I have used soft wood... for the frame of the caddy as you don't have to use power tools to nail. Therefore it's basically safe for primary children.

Learning Objective : By constructing this caddy....students will learn to reuse. As children will be using needles , scissors , fret saw...
they would  learn the simple skills of basic sewing, basic wood working skills.

Step 1: Materials for the Containers

  • Pet bottles
  • knife
  • knitting needle ( to poke holes...could use a drill...but want to be safe with kids and use only hand tools...after all    everyone cant afford power tools! )
  • medium needle
  • 14" zip
  • thread

Step 2: Sew

Mark 4" from the bottom of 2 identical pet bottles. (Measuring skills)
Cut the bottles first by making a slit above the line with a knife and just cut it....then using a scissor cut neatly around the line (cutting skills...demonstrate the proper  use of knife and scissor )
Mark dots on the rim of each of the cut bottles...pierce by poking the knitting needle or  heating a small needle with a candle and passing it through the dots.
Pass 2 strands of thread through the needle so you end up with 4 strands in one go...or go for a thick strong thread,

Now take your zip and start to sew..going in and out the holes. This is called a running stitch.
Once you come to the end of the bottle (that is the beginning) leave a little to overlap and cut off the excess.
Join the front and the back  of the zip would get a cross stitch at the back. demonstrate how to secure with a knot
Now unzip the zip and sew the top part of the zip to the 2nd cut bottle bottom. secure well with a knot

Your first container is done...Make another or more if you need for your caddy.

Step 3: Carrier/ Caddy - Materials

Use reclaimed wood if you can.

Soft wood 6" x 12"
1"  dowel or  3/4"x 3/4" wooden stick 8" long ( varies in length depending on the containers)
1/8" wooden slats or thin ply wood. ( any width...we had a 3" wide strip in we used it)

Step 4: Transfer Pattern and Cut

Take a cardboard 6" x 12" fold in 2 and cut so you get a 3" x 12" board.
Measure the height of the container minus the zip. ( Measuring skills). For this container I took 4.7"(line A)

fold the 3"x12" board in two and mark 4.7" from one end. Draw another line 1/8" below (line B).
From line B draw another line by measuring the width of the ply wood. In this case it was a 3" plywood (you could use slats too)
From the top of the board mark 3/4" from the fold. Mark D.
Draw a line from  The edge of A to D. cut it.
Now you have a template.
Transfer to wood. Draw 2.
Cut a mortise from line B to C.  for this example 1/8" x 3"  and 1/8" deep. (Learning objective - simple joinery. demonstrate the proper use of a chisel and hammer.)

Now use a fret saw and cut . (cutting skills)
Use a sanding block and sand the side panels , dowel and plywood.

Take the 3/4"x3/4" stick (or dowel) . Measure the width of 2 bottles (the ones you used) side by side. Cut the stick to that length.
Take the 3" wide plywood ( or slat) .. add 1/4" to the cut dowel length  and cut.

Step 5: Assembling

loosely assemble ..check if all is right. check for square.
glue the plywood to the mortise...if loose fill up with wood dust. glue the dowel and clamp
Nail the dowel .
Once dry...paint with primmer ...add wall filler to cover the nails and gaps...give texture by applying a thick layer and raising it with your hands.
paint as you like.
I painted it white and speckle sprayed with a tooth brush ( Art tip :-))

Step 6: Done!

Add the containers and your done! The students now each have their own caddy to put their art supplies, tools or anything they want!
It would also make a lovely gift for someone they love? :-)

Add big google eyes to a bottle with red zip and you have a little monster! ( a green sprite bottle would go well for the monster idea :-) )

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Neat project! Did you mean PET bottle caddy (as in the plastic)? Because I thought from the title that it was like a hiking bottle for dogs.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    :-D really hiking bottles for dogs? (i didn't know they had such bottles!)'s can use any plastic bottles...only both have to be identical.
    When you are done you could just remove the containers and zip it up!
    I've made many for cutlery and pencil colors and so on. If you cut it very short you could use it as a coin purse.
    Add big google eyes to a bottle with red zip and you have a little monster! ( a green sprite bottle would go well for the monster idea :-) )