Introduction: Clock With Life

one of the hardest thing is to create Relationship Between Human and electronics.

i think this clock is one good example for Relationship.

this clock is like new pet at house, he dosnt need you at all and he is playing with him self all the day

until someone is getting to close to 12 oclock.

this clock is hard to get and you will have to go to him to know what time is it.

Step 1: Components

1. arduino uno.

2.old scanner step motor or any other step motor.

3.ultra sonic sensor.

4.tiny rtc (real time clock).

5.peace of wood or any object.

6. dremel or any tool to fix the place for the motor.

7. 3d printer to create A clock hand.

Step 2: Wiring

the motor have 4 wire:

black : to pin number 8
yellow : to pin number 10
brown : to pin number 9
orange: to pin number 11

ultra sonic sensor
vcc : arduino 5v
gnd: arduino gnd
trig : to pin number 7
ecco: to pin number 6

tinyrtc RealTime Clock:
SDA :to pin number Analog4
SCL:to pin number Analog5

Step 3: Arduino Code

every step motor have step for full Round.
this code is for 97 step steps in a Round.
const int stepsPerRevolution = 97;

the speed is also change for one motor to another

Step 4:

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