Introduction: Pet Feeder 2.0

This is a project which I have made for my dog Sandy.

I hope you enjoy it and if you do, please vote me in the contest.

Step 1: Components

For this project, you need:

  • 1 arduino uno
  • 3 Relay modules
  • 1 breadboard
  • 2 10 kohm resistor
  • 2 220/12v trasformers
  • 1 motor
  • 2 electric valves
  • Wood
  • 2 vessels
  • Silikon
  • 5 wooden sticks
  • 1 bottle of water
  • 3 dispensers
  • Arduino cables
  • electric cables
  • 1 metal stick
  • 1 cochlea
  • Metal wire
  • Plastic tube
  • 1 cork stopper

Step 2: Create the Box

To create the box, I used 2 plywood panels of the dimension 60x100 cm, then you have to cut them with a laser cutter or with the saw, you can use my dimension or you can use yours,

Step 3: Create the Water Dispenser

To create the water dispenser you need 4 different parts, the tank, 2 different vessels, one where the dog will drink and one where the amount of water will be controlled, and one to put the wasted water.

To create the water tank, take a dispenser, and make a hole in the stopper, put the plastic tube inside, and use some silikon to seal, then cut the opposite part that will make you able to put the water inside.

For the vessel where the dog will drink it is quiet easy, you just need to take one with an hole on the bottom.

For the other vessel it is a bit more difficult, you have to cut the up part of the water bottle, the you have to make 3 holes, one on the top and 2 on the bottom, then put 3 plastic tubes in the holes and seal with silikon, then take a woodwn stick and put the cork stopper in the bottom, then in the top put the metal wire on a piece of wood like how showed in the picture, then take two pieces of wood and put the wire on both, then make an hole in the center of one of them and four holes in the four angles on both, then put four wooden sticks on the four holes leaving more or less 10 cm beetween the two pieces, put the constuction on the half bottle and seal it with scotch.

To create the waste water dispenser make to holes one in the stopper and one in the side and put 2 plastic tubes in them, then seal with silikon.

Step 4: Create the Food Dispenser

To create the food dispenser you have to take the third dispenser, the cochlea, the metal stick, the rubber band and the motor, you have to make a hole of 3 cm on the stopper and you have to cut the top, (like for the water), then put two supports for the stick which will pass in the middle of the dispenser, on the bottom put the 3D printed cochlea and on the top and on the side the motor with a small wooden wheel and in the top in the middle a big wheel sealed to the stick.

Step 5: The Arduino Code

In this step, I put the arduino file which i used for the Pet Feeder

Step 6: Connections

Connect a valve beetween the water dispenser and the top of the bottle and the other valve between the bottom of the bottle and the waste dispenser, connect the first at pin 4 and the second to pin 6, connect the motor to pin 13 and the two water sensors to pin 2 the high and 3 the low, connect 2 and 3 to the breadboard with a pull down resistor.

Step 7: Add a Button

I added a button to do the process just when I'm at home, I connected it to the pin 10.

Step 8: Make the Box

To make the box, place toghether all the parts to make it, it will become something like this

Step 9: Connect the Water Dispenser

connect the water dispenser like this

Step 10: Make a Slide

Make a slide with 4 pieces of wood like this, and then put it on the platform

Step 11: Put the Two Vessels on the Box

Put them like this

Step 12: Result

And here the result, I hope you will enjoy it