Pet Pirate Costume

Introduction: Pet Pirate Costume

These are my instructions for how I made these costumes for my dogs! This project took me 3 weeks to design and construct. 

Step 1: Making the Hats

I started these costumes with the hats, all the res of the costumes were based around the hats. I had a pack of embossed felt sheets from Walmart that I used for the hats, I just cut out a large circle, cut a smaller circle out of the centre t create the brim and the top of each hat. Then I cut a rectangular strip for the walls of the hats. I decorated the hats with feathers, gold cord, little fabric flowers, and faux pearl beads. (Easy to find at a dollar store or Walmart.)

Step 2: Designing the Body

This step was the hardest part, I took an old sheet and wrapped it around my dog. I drew on the sheet with a sharpee where their legs and neck where located, then I would roughly chop out that shape. I would put the sheet back on the dog and punch out all the excess fabric and draw a line to mark it out. Once I had the right shape I smoothed out the edges and made the shape symmetrical. Try the final shape on the dog again just to be sure!

Step 3: Sleeves and Lining.

I measured the length of my dogs legs from the chest area down to determine the length of the sleeves. I used a slippery fabric to line the inside of the sleeves to make it more comfortable and neat. I also lined the body of the coat so that the raw edge of the ruffled lace at the bottom edge was concealed. For the dress, I lined the body. I made short cap type sleeves and I did not line them, I used synthetic fabric so I just melted the edge to prevent fraying.

Step 4: Decorating the Coat.

After the base of the costumes was finished I could now decorate the costumes. I used black gimp with a ribbon running through for the faux closures on the back of the pirate coat, to trim the ends of the sleeves and collars I used gold and cream jaquard trim 1 3/8". Debs Lace & Trims is a wonderful place to order stuff like this. I set some buttons into the gimp on the back of the coat, and also added Velcro to close each costume. On the pirate coat I added faux buttons to the front overtop of the Velcro. Gold cord was also added to both costumes, around the hem of the coat, and around the sleeves on the ladies dress.

Step 5: Showing Them Off!

Finally now you need to get your pups to cooperate while you try and get their costumes on. My little girl was not very fond of her hat!

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