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Introduction: Pet Preparedness

When things get so bad that you need to leave the house, you need to remember that your pets will also need a safe place to go. If you are going to a shelter, you will need to find out if they will shelter the animals. Some shelters may not do this due to possible allergies in a large population at the shelter. Call your local shelter to find out this information prior to something bad happening. You should also have a backup plan in place.

Step 1: Items Needed

You will need to get a duffle bag or a large sturdy bag.You will also need a luggage tag or some form of a tag that will stay on the kennel. Pack with what your pet will need. I would pack the following items:

Food, with can opener, if needed (These are not pictured here)

Hand Sanitizer (a special bottle for here)

BowlsWater (not pictured)


Litter boxLitter and scoop

List of other things to grab (see below)

Paper Towels and Wet Wipes (for any messes)

Bath towels (optional)

Any copies of vet records you may have and extra copies of your pet's prescriptions

Step 2: Label Your Kennel and Bag

The carrier/kennel you will be using should be stored right beside the bag, or if it will fit, inside. You could also attach the carrier handle to the duffel bag handle. Just make sure they go together.

A label on the carrier should include your name, address and at least two contact numbers. One should be yours and one should be from someone out of the immediate area that could provide information about the pet. Also, include the pet’s name and vet’s name and number. It is important that you list any medical condition or medicines given along with times and dosage. Make sure your animal’s shots are up to date at all times and the rabies tag is on the collar.

You could use a luggage tag, as I have, or just a piece of paper securely taped to the kennel.

Step 3: Make a Grab List

Include a list inside the kennel of other last minute items you will need to grab, such as medicines, favorite toys and blankets. You know your pet the best.Obviously, every pet has different needs.

One of the best ways to determine what you will need is to go through your day to day routine. Place items in the bag if you have extras, if not, put it on your grab list.

After packing it all up, you can see that this will save you so much time.

Step 4: Notes

You may want to do a dry run packing your vehicle. Remember that you will have a lot of other things that need to go, so allow room for everything. It might be a good idea to have all suitcases, coolers, water, food, kennels, bags or whatever is going with you ready by your vehicle and then practice loading it. When you find an arrangement that will allow everything to fit, either make a rough sketch or take a picture with your cell phone camera for reference. This will save you a lot of time when it comes time to bug out.

If you might be using a different vehicle, do a dry run pack on that vehicle also.

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    You're welcome. Hopefully, no one will ever be faced with a situation like this, but it does happen.


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