Introduction: Pet Feeding Timer

My roommate and I share a dog. Our schedules are completely out of sync so often the dog doesn't get fed because we think the other one fed him. This little arduino build helps us keep track of that.

Step 1: Wiring and Programming

This is a very simple build. I currently use my uno, but when my mini breadboard comes in I'm going to wire it with my nano. Also, this can be battery powered, but I've found that with 9v of AA rechargeable batteries it only lasts about 3 days, not very practical.

Note currently the timer is set up to flash green for 8 hours, flash yellow from 8-12, and red then on. This can easily be changes in the initial variables. The buzzer goes off for 10 seconds once the timer reaches red.

Once you feed your pet, simply press reset on the board.

Step 2:

Step 3: Nano Wiring

This would be the idea wiring for a nano, but the code would need to be changed accordingly.

9/21/15 Code Fixed