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Introduction: Peter Lynn Venom Modifications

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Details of 'Bobs Bridle' and the Trailing Edge Tuck (TET).

Bobs Bridal is a single point bridle that reduces flaring amoung other things

The TET increases low end umph.

Step 1: Prepare Bridle Length

Venom 8 : 474 cm
Venom 10 : 530 cm
Venom 13 : 604 cm
Venom 16 : 670 cm
Venom 19 : 745 cm

Step 2: Attach With Larks Head

Larks head the bridal line to one pigtail

Step 3: Center Point

Number of ways to do this, I use a small pulley attached via 4 inches of line to the '2nd leach' on the center cell.

If you open up the deflate zipper and have a look inside your kite you'll find three lengths of black webbing. The middle webbing is the 2nd leach.

Place two pieces of sail repair or sticky ripstop on either side of the kites bottom skin directly over the leach. Pierce a tiny hole, big enough for the line attached to the pulley.

Feed pulley line through the skin and tie on to the leach.

Step 4: Tie Other Side of Bridle.

You can tie the free end of the bridal to the remaining pictail. I have take an extra (but not necessary step) of feeding the bridal through a stainless loop attached to the pigtail.

I plan to tweak the over all mod with two further bridal points, extending the lines that attach to the leach so that they hang down from the bottom skin by about a foot each, and shortening the bridal length.

This will effectively reduce flaring even further and increase the over stiffness of the kite.

Step 5: TET

This is a super simple mod that will increase the lowend of the kite noticeably. There are various configurations. I shorten the trailing edge by no more than 10% in each of the center 8 cells, excluding the deflate zipper cell

Step 6: Center Adjuster Strap Shorten

you tighten the strap with the adjuster about 10cm. The internal adjuster should be pull in about 75%.

Step 7: Shoulder Strap Shorten

On each shoulder strap (inside of the both inflation zips) you shorten the first
strap about 5cm on each side.

Step 8: SFS = Shorten Front Strap
V8 - 7 cm
V10 - 8,5 cm
V13 - 10 cm
V16 - 11,5 cm
V19 - 13 cm

This is a light wind mod, because the result is really amazing in light wind,
the power is better to go upwind, the kite turns better, and it inflates itself
better inflight.

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    Question 1 year ago on Step 4

    Hi, what's flaring in kites? Just bought PŁ venom 16m and curious about it.


    2 years ago

    Hello, my name is Renato and I have a very old Peter Lynn Guerilla 15m kite and I am thinking of making these adaptations that you made to make my kite faster. I didn't understand about points 6 7 8 and I would like to know if you have photos or videos explaining better. Thank you.

    9 years ago on Introduction

    I think it's spelled bridle (straps used to control a horse).
    Bridal is related to brides.


    17 years ago

    You might want to add more details.. I had no clue what you were even talking about until I looked at the user tags and discovered that it's some kind of kite.