Introduction: Petite Places Home and Garden

A cute gift idea to give to several friends and family in any occasion. This particular project will be a mother's day present. Inside this box I will place a packet of gardening seeds.

Step 1: Gather Essential Materials for the Project

Materials needed:

- die cutting machine

- die cuts and stamps (purchased from

- different color stamp pads

- cardstock paper (I used white)

- scallop puncher 3.5 inches

- fillable ornament 3 inches

- ruler


-double sided tape

-permanent glue (E6000)

Step 2: Trim Paper to Fit the Cutting Plates

Step 3: Cut Pieces Using the Die Cutting Machine

In this project, I used three sets of Petite Places die and stamp sets. The sets that I used are:
- Home and Garden (die and stamp set)

- Walk in the park (die and stamp set)

- School (die and stamp set)

I used the Home and Garden die and stamp on the majority of the project. I used the Walk in the Park set for the curved stone road, street lamp, bushes, and trees. Lastly, I used the School set for the windows.

Step 4: Cut Extra Pieces Just in Case and Group Pieces Together.

Step 5: Stamp the Die Cut Pieces.

Step 6: Glue the Windows on the House and Start Bending the Pieces.

Step 7: Punch 2 Cardstock and 1 Pattern Paper. Glue All Together Placing the Patterned Paper on Top.

Use the scallop puncher to punch out your pieces.

Step 8: Tape Pieces Together by Using a Double Sided Tape.

The die cut pieces are very easy to put together. The company PapertreyInk had a blog that shows a video clip on how to put together the house and the garden pieces.

Step 9: Arrange the Pieces on Top of the Scalloped Mat. Glue Down and Encase by Gluing Down the Ornament Dome.

Before gluing the pieces permanently on the mat check if it will fit the dome.

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