Introduction: Pewter Cast Ring


Step 1: Download CAD File

Download CAD file from here

Step 2: Milling the Mould

Use the CAD File to mill the ring in a milling machine. Mill the design onto Rigid Polyeurothene Foam. Mill the ring double sided and mirrored as on the CAD File. (Use the slot mill tool for the engraving)

Step 3: Wooden Placers

Cut 6 mm thick round wood sticks to fit the holes prepared in the molds. The 6mm thick round would sticks should be cut twice into a length of about 7 mm.

Step 4: Well, Runner & Riser

Engrave a well, runner and a riser into on side of the double sided mold. Then attach the two molds together using the placers to make sure the ring on both sides correspond. Use tight elastic bands to keep the whole mould firm.

Step 5: Pewter Casting

Use a pewter casting machine and drip molten pewter into the well. Keep pouring until the mould is filled to the brim with pewter (visible through the well and runner holes). Use gloves, apron and safety goggles to do so. Carefully place mould with pewter inside into a rack. Wait 15 minutes until you can open safely.

Step 6: Opening the Mould

When opening the mould and extracting the hardened pewter, be careful to not break mould (in case another ring is wanted) or ring in the process. Extract the pewter casting and clip off the chunks of pewter which are not part of the ring, the well, runner and riser which may contain extra pewter.

Step 7: Polishing the Ring

Use a disk sander to polish the outside face of the ring and use sandpaper to make the inside of the ring smooth for comfort and ergonomics. Do so until you are happy with the result.

Step 8: OPTIONAL: "HUSTLE" Ring Aesthetic

This is an optional extra. To do so download "HUSTLE" Ring Aesthetic CAD File from here.

Step 9: OPTIONAL: Preparing the Aesthetic

Use the milling machine to engrave the word "HUSTLE" onto the mould (USE ENGRAVING TOOL). Use another scrap piece of polyeurothene foam for the other side and hollow out a well, runner and riser into the mould. Similar to previous steps conducted to create the ring.

Step 10: OPTIONAL: "HUSTLE" Ring Aesthetic Attachment

Bend the pewter cast "HUSTLE" onto the ring and use epoxy resin to glue the aesthetic on. Sand as much as you want before and after the "HUSTLE" aesthetic is attached.

Step 11: OPTIONAL: Colour Scheme

Paint the ring with any colour you want, using a paint and brush. RECOMMENDED: Colour in the "HUSTLE" aesthetic in a different colour to the ring, so it stands out.

Step 12: OPTIONAL: Varnish Coat

Coat the ring with the "HUSTLE" aesthetic with a thin layer of clear varnish once the paint has dried to ensure that the paint stays on the ring.