Phantom Bomber

Introduction: Phantom Bomber

Hello! My name is Jacob I am a 10-year-old kid whos into aviation I am bringing you to the next level of Paper airplane history! For my very first Instructable I am making a Supersonic paper airplane call PHANTOM BOMBER so in 2 minutes you could have a paper airplane that will soar in the skies! So what are you waiting for? first 30 views I am gonna make a special!


Any type of paper could do, Computer and printer optional, Scissors That's it

Step 1: Folding the Body

Watch the video

Step 2: Folding Wings

Ok is doesn't matter how big the wings are really if you want a glider long wings if you want a Fast plane the wings shorter.

Step 3: FLIGHT!

Very sorry about the background noise! The tip is you hold the little triangle then throw it!

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