Introduction: PhantomX Pincher Color Sorting


This instructable is made by 2 Automation Engineering students,from UCN (Denmark).

The instructable illustrates how one can use a PhantomX Pncher to sort the boxes by color with the use of a CMUcam5 Pixy and stacking them. This application can be used for storage in a storage facility.

The work space consist of 3 different colored boxes, the robot arm and an conveyor belt for incoming boxes. We are only working with 4 boxes, since the 3 of them have different colors, we will only be able to stack one box atop of one of the colored boxes.

Place a box in front of the camera. The colors have already been saved into the code so whenever there is a color the camera recognizes a sequence of movements will be executed according to each color.

Step 1: Equipment & Software

1. PhantomX Pincher Arm

2. Pixy Vision Camera


3. Push Botton

4. 2 Slider Potentiometers

5. 3 Rotation Knobs

(?) Boxes to sort...

Arduino 1.0.6

ArbotiX-M Hardware and libraries from NooTriX Technology

If in need of help follow this :

Step 2: Setup

For the setup we have :

1 Slider in pin A0 - controls the base

1 Slider in pin A1 - controls the shoulder joint

1 Rotation knob in pin A4 - controls the elbow

1 Rotating knob in pin A5 - controls the wrist

1 Rotation knob in pin A6 - controls the speed of the servomotors

1 Push button in pin D0 - Manually starts the sorting

All Above is From RobotGeek

1 Pixy Cam in pin ISP

Step 3: Programmes

We used the sliders and knobs to move the robot arm in position over the boxes and read the values using those values to program the robot arm. We could have used a third party program to do this, but felt we would get more out of the course if we did it this way. The positions of the incoming boxes were programmed and depending of which color the boxes were, a drop off position was also programmed. furthermore, we programmed the robot arm to stack the same colored boxes on top of each other.

Step 4: Using the Pixy Camera

The easiest way to make pixy recognize colors is using the Teach button. Its the white push button on the top of the camera.

You hold down the button until it the RGB LED on the camera changes color . Then release the push button to make the pixy camera remember the color in front of it. If you want it to remember another color you press the push button until it passes by the color you just saved and a new color appears on the LED.

An alternative way:

After you have downloaded the pixymon software and connected the pixy cam you run the program called Pixymon you can use the actual software to make pixy remember colors .Run the Pixymon software -> Action tab -> Set signature 1 -> then you simply mark on the screen the color in front of you that you want it to remember. you can add up yo 7 signatures.

If more help is needed see