Introduction: Scalectrics Gun to Laser Gun

Most people like lasers. A percentage of those people like Star Trek. Now, perhaps, some of those people might have a broken hot glue gun or scalextrics gun.

I was one of those people. I still like Star Trek. I still like lasers, but now I have no broken guns and two laser guns.

the idea originally came from the star trek phaser. I just really like star trek.

These are really fun to play with in the dark, So, get a broken gun and build!

I would also like to apologize if I have included two pictures that are the same. I had trouble uploading and had to do them in two batches so i might have included the same. If you find one, write a comment telling which step it is and I will fix it.

Step 1: The Scalelectrics Gun.

the scalextrics gun was the first I made. this one is slightly large, and looks like a space gun. this gun has a different handle and trigger that some may find uncomftrable. I had to use a rubber band to hold the battery pack in place. the trigger sticks less and on the whole this gun is good for people who want to have a large gun without caring about the handle. this is just an introduction to the scalextrics gun

Step 2: Glue Gun Gun.

the glue gun can be a variety of shapes and sizes. it all depends on your broken (or working repourposed) one. this gun is a bit hard to turn off because of were I put the push button switch. the battery pack hanging out the back is a bit of a problem, so i had to secure it with tape. this is a gun for people who like a comftrable handle, quick to shoot trigger, and a small gun. this is just an introduction to the glue gun.

Step 3: Electronics

There are two types of electronic Circuits. one has an attached battery pack, the other has a 9V clip, that i attached to 2 AAs using a battery pack with a 9V clip. I got both my laser diodes at squirrel labs UK because i live in England. I would strongly Recommend squirrel labs if you live in England. if not, i have included a list of links with the other links. you also need two AAs (or different battery pack if different laser) and a push button switch. I have included links.

you do not have to put on heat shrink, I just included it because i had some.


laser diodes. (pick one)

squirrel labs laser diode

tenflyer laser diode

push button switches. (pick one)

(note: I did not buy these, i only included the link for this instructable, which is why i have a red one and a brown one)

push button switch

push button switch two

batterys. (pick one)

battery 1

battery 2

battery 3

Rechargeable battery 1

If you bought the non rechargeable batterys, skip this. if you did not, do not skip this unless you already have a battery charger.

battery charger (pick one)

battery charger one

battery charger 2

Now that you have got everything let's begin. attach the red wire to the switch then the battery pack. attach the black wire directly. to do that you will need a soldering iron which is in the next step called tools.

Step 4: Tools

this is a list of the tools you will need with links. the whole point of this step is to make sure you have the tools, and these links are for ones that should last. they also give you a good soldering iron, a good hot glue gun, and a good drill. Not to mention the multimeter. something no good hobbyist should be without. (note: the drill is only needed for the scalextrics gun)

soldering iron

hot glue gun



Step 5: The Skalextrics Gun: Opening and Sanding.

To open the gun you should see a thin line going down the back. Try to pry it open. once you have got it open there should be a trigger, and a variable resistor. take out the variable resistor and the trigger. put the trigger aside as you'll want it later. feel free to drop the variable resistor out of a plane. break a hole in the bottom of the gun to fit in a AA battery pack. then break of all the spikes that hold it together at the bottom and sand them all down. you may want to have several pieces of sand paper as the plastic can wear down the sand paper. when you are done with that put it back together and use the drill to drill a hole at the front, where you want the laser to go. I would advise doing the drill in short bursts unless you do it underwater where the water may (or may not) cool it.

Step 6: The Scalextrics Gun: the Trigger.

take the trigger and cut the electronics and wires off it. then take the spring and hot glue it closer to the trigger. this will let the battery pack in more. close the gun and pull the trigger to make sure it works. My hot glue gun only came halfway through this project (my previous one blew up slightly) so i discovered that if you cut the tip of a glue gun off then melt it with a hairdryer you can stick it onto one side of what you're glueing, then melt it again and stick the other side on.

Step 7: The Scalextrics Gun: the Electronics

get some foamboard (link below) and put it in the back of the gun as shown. then sand it down so the other half can fit on. the foamboard is to make sure the button is'nt pushed back. then cut a small hole in it to let in the button. put the battery box in the bottom and the laser in the hole you drilled earlier. hot glue everything in place and close the lid. when you pull the trigger you should see the laser turn on.I used the fully attached battery box for this one.


Step 8: The Skalextrics Gun: Tuning

the tuning is the most important part. fire the laser and try to aim using the small crack at the top of the gun. the laser will probably be a bit off so try to turn it to get the dot right in the middle of the crack at the top. when you've tuned it then secure it in place with hot glue. wait for the glue to dry, then pull the trigger and the laser still should come on. If it doe's not, measure the resistance with a multimeter and try to fix it.

Step 9: The Glue Gun: Opening and Trigger

take out the screws, a size one screwdriver worked fine for me. take off the side, it may need a bit of pushing, but you can probably get it open. then take out the part that heats up. drop it of the plane with the variable resistor. then take out the trigger mechanisim . take off the bit that pushes the glue forwards (just break off the tab) and put the trigger back on.

Step 10: The Glue Gun :covering Up and Electronics

cut out foamboard to fill the holes. they should at least fit loosely. glue them in with hot glue. cut out a circle of foamboard to fit the hole in the front. that should also fit loosely. make a hole in that to fit the laser. push the laser into the hole and hot glue it to the circle. put the foamboard circle in the hole. glue the button to the gun where it can be pressed with the trigger. put the battery box on the back.

Step 11: The Glue Gun: Tuning

to tune the glue gun shoot it. aim across the top where there should be a crack. if it's a bit off then jiggle with the laser to make it shoot strait. it will almost never shoot straight. when you've tuned it secure it in place with hot glue.

Step 12: Safety


never shine a laser in the sky. It can over load the light sensors and make the plane crash. planes crashing are still a major incedint. a small plane can hold 40 people or so. planes that hold one or two people are generally army planes that you don't want to crash. it is a criminal offense. I am not responsible for any lawsuits brought against you or harm to you with these laser guns.

have fun and no pressure!

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