Introduction: Philips QG3020 Disassembly / Change Battery

Getting Started. Please read all steps before proceeding


1. Make the shaver last longer.
2. Never run out of battery as you can change it.
3. Not pay for proper shaver...

You will need:

1. Philips QC3020
2. Flat Screwdriver
3. One (1) AA rechargeable battery ( i used an OEM Ni-MH 2400Mha )
4. Strip of aluminum foil
5. A great beard to shave

You have to remember:

-1. Remove the shaver from power source
 0. You will actually break parts of the shaver!
 1. You will void your warranty!
 2. 1.5Volts wont kill you but always be careful with electricity
 3. The shaver wont be waterproof as it was before (unless you apply silicon)

Step 1: Opening the Case

The hard part is now.

Gently push the screwdriver in the shaver and start lifting. Some of the internal plastics will start breaking up and the cap will start to lift.

When it is half open lift it with you hands.

Step 2: Remove the Old Battery

Finally we have to change the battery.

But we have one big problem... the wires are welded on the battery!

With a little patience and the screwdriver slowly remove the tips from the battery

Step 3: Insert New Battery

Get the aluminum and make little V shaped foil.

Use it on the Negative (black) to fix the battery into position

Step 4: Putting It Back to Life

Get the cable out of the way. Hold the on/off button down and put the top back on and...