Introduction: Phone Charger With a Smints Box

Nowadays having a phone is the most common thing.If you don't have one you can't survive in this time. You use it for nearly everything but, what happens when you need to charge it but you don't have a plug near to you?!!! Thats why they have created the powerbanks and the phone chargers.If you don't want to buy one or you just want to have some fun building it this instructable is for you.

I'll teach you how to build a very cheap and easy to build portable phone charger with a smints metal box.If you live in this century you HAVE TO build it.It will just take you 1 hour as much and you'll have fun.So what are you waiting for?Read the instuctable and start right now.

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Here's the instructable wich gave me the idea to make this one:

Step 1: Materials & Tools


A Smints metal box

A female usb

A 9v-5v voltage regulator

A 9 volts battery


Insulating tape

Soldering iron


Hot glue gun


Rotatory tool


Step 2: The Circuit L

Here you have some sketches of the circuit so you don't get confused.

Step 3: The Circuit Ll

Cut as many pieces of wire as you need and peel the end of the wires. Then put one wire around one pole of the 9v battery. Do the same with the other pole and with put some tape so they don´t move.Instead of doing this you could also use a 9v battery clip but I didn't have one.

Separate the legs of the regulator so when you solder them they don't stick to each other.Solder the positive wire of the battery to the left leg(input) of the regulator.Then solder the negative wire of the battery to the middle leg(GND).After that take another wire and solder one side to the right led(output)and the other side to the positive leg of the usb.Now take one more wire and solder one side to the GND and the other side to the negative leg of the usb.

If you have problems go to the previous step in wich there are some sketches of the circuit.

With the multimeter make sure the voltage that you have in the usb is of 5v.

Then with the insulating tape insulate the components.

Try it and make sure it works.

Step 4: The Box

Draw a rectangle where you want to connect the phone.With the drill make four holes in the corners and then with the dremel cut it out.Introduce all the circuit inside the box and glue the usb with the hot glue gun. I've decided to cover all the side with hot glue but that's up to you.

Step 5: Use It

Now you have your own portable phone charger.

Enjoy it :-)

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