Introduction: Phone Controlled Signal Jammer

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Every one has the tiny feel somewhere in their mind to be a hacker!

so today lets do a small hack of blocking a phone signal remotely using only 4 elements

Step 1: Required Things

> Arduino uno x 1

> 433 RF Module

> HC06 (bluetooth module)

> Any android phone (which can run the MIT app inventor)

Step 2: Connecting Elements

connect them as shown in picture

Step 3: Android App

using the bit app inventor, easy to use and fun

source code = picture

the program explains itself

one button connects to hc06

2 more buttons for on and off

the skull is to show the power

Step 4: Arduino Code

#include (SoftwareSerial.h>

SoftwareSerial mySerial(0, 1);

char state;

int LED = 13;

void setup()


pinMode(LED, OUTPUT);





void loop()


state =;

if (state == '0') {



if (state == '1')

{ tone(8, 15000);





Step 5:

vedio will be there by nxt week

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