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Recently I found that two universal phone holders which stand alone don't make any sense can be modified into something different.


  • Universal phone holders “two pieces” - there a lot of different models available, try to find holders with a side screw mounting point and built in cold shue on the top.
  • Small ball head with hot shue. These types of ball heads are designed for “on camera monitors”. There are a lot of different models, but I don't recommend using the cheapest one, because they simply didn't work.
  • Hot shoe to ¼ thread adapter. We will need this for a microphone and light which only uses ¼ screw. 
  • ¼ to ¼ male adapter, which easily allows mounting additional accessories to the side of the phone holder.

Step 1: Selfie Stick

Depending on which phone holders you have, the part list will be different.

For holders with cold shoe mount you can use a ball head with built in shoe mount.

You can also use male to male adapter if the ball head has only ¼ mount.

The only one disadvantage of this mounting type, that male to male adapter becomes loose and you'll need to tighten it.

For holders without cold shoe mount you can use male to male adapter.

Step 2: Desk Holder

To build a desk holder we should use side ¼ thread mounting for horizontal view.

As a base we can use a power bank, not all power banks will work “bigger works better”.

You can also use another phone as a base.

Step 3: Car Mount

With those phone holders we can safely mount the phone under the car mirror and use the phone as a dash cam.

It is also possible to use phone as a surveillance camera.

I have a quite protruding and noticeably curved rear side of the mirror, which makes mounting slightly difficult and unstable. To solve this issue I use double side tape as a grab point for the holder. Most modern frameless mirrors and old fashioned mirrors don't have such issues.


- There are a lot of country's and states which may restrict use of any objects on your central view mirror.

- Newer use objects which may obstruct your road view and mirrors.

- Don't try repeat this without proper knowledge and skills.

- Stay safe!

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    Question 1 year ago

    If the phone battery is dead, can you just plug in one of the bank things and make a call?


    1 year ago

    This looks so clean nice work!