Phone Keeper

Introduction: Phone Keeper

Technology has become so convenient that almost everyone has a phone in their hands, including children at a young age. But the problem is that they still couldn't control themselves, and waste a lot of time while they should be doing something else such as studying or doing their homework. So some parents took away their children's phones to ensure they do their work properly. But most children will get their phone back while their parents aren't paying attention to them. This device will help parents who face a similar problem.


- 1 Arduino Board(I used Leonardo.)

- 1 Breadboard

- 1 Photoresistor

- 1 Buzzer

- 1 LED(Any color)

- 1 100 ohm resistor

- 1 10 Ohm resistor

- Some wires

- (Optional)A box to put the Arduino board and Breadboard.

Step 1: Connect the Photoresistor(Green Wires)

You will need the photoresistor, wires, and the 10k ohm resistor in this step. Connect one of the sides of the photoresistor to 5V(+), and on the other side, connect it to A0(Analog Pin), and connect the resistor to GND(-).

Step 2: Connect the LED(Yellow)

You will need a LED, the 10k ohm resistor, and some wires in this step.

Connect the longer side of the LED to D12(Digital Pin), the shorter side should be connected to the resistor, and to GND(-).

Step 3: Connect the Buzzer(Blue)

You will need the buzzer and some wires in this step.

The buzzer should have two wires, one should be red, and the other should be black. The red should be connected to D11(Digital Pin), and the black side should be connected to GND(-).

Step 4: The Code!

Link to the code.

Step 5: (Optional) Make a Box for Your Device!

*This step is optional, not doing it won't affect anything.

I used a normal paper box, so I could hide all the cables inside. If you are willing to do this step, make sure you cut the holes for the power cable, for the Photoresistor, and for the LED.

Step 6: Done!

Congratulations! Now you have done a phone keeper, go and try it yourself. Video:



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