Introduction: Phone Mount With Portable Charger

In this project i will show you how make a phone mount and a portable charger that fits inside of it.

Step 1: Gather Materials

In Order to Complete this project you will need the following:

1. A Cell Phone

2. A Magnetic Cell phone holder with 360-degree rotation

3. Minty Boost kit v3

4. Tinsnips

5. A Multimeter

6. Soldering Iron and Solder

7. Gorilla Glue or Any kind of durable glue

8. Two AA batteries

9. A usb cable charger for the Cell Phone

10. Access to a 3d printer

Step 2: Creating a 3d Printed Base

1. To make this 3d print sign up at and make an account

2. Complete the tutorials or just start a project if you already understand 3d printing

3. Set the unit to inch

4. Make a base that is 1 5/8 X 2.44 X 3.44in

5. Construct a hole that is 1.25 X 1.6 X 3.44in that is in the Middle of the base

6. Group

7. Make a bottom plate under the base that is 5/8 X 3.8 X 0.1in

8. Construct two Wedges on the Outside of the Base that is 1 X 3/4 X 1 inch. Make them Symmetrical on the outsides of the base

9. If you need more information or didn't understand the steps click here

10. Export to MakerBot (should be a .stl file) and upload to a 3d Printer

Step 3: Making the Magnetic Base

1. Gather all materials in your kit (I Used the smart and easy kit found here

2. Connect the magnetic ball to the circular disc

3. Place the receiver on the back of your phone

4. Connect the receiver to the magnetic ball and make sure it remains in place

Step 4: Assembling the Minty Boost Kit V3

1. Get Materials (Soldering iron, Solder, multimeter, Tinsnips, Kit)

2. Tear a whole in the Front of the Tin using the tin snips to fit the USB

3. Follow this detailed and informative guide for the assembly

(My Pictures weren't clear enough but you can view them in the images)

4. Once you have finished the kit place it in the whole of your base

5. Now you are done! If you have any questions please type them in the comments and I will try to respond as soon as I can

6. View the compatibility list in case your device doesn't work

Step 5: Final Product