Introduction: Phone Safe

This is a box that you can secure a smartphone in so that it can not be touched unless the box is opener has the keys.


6 locks that have at least a 1.5-inch tall shackle

A power drill

A hand saw

A pencil

A ruler

And 3/4 inch and 1/4 inch ply wood

Step 1: Measure the Smartphone

Use the pencil and the ruler to record the height and width of the phone.

Then add an inch to each of the measurements you made.

Step 2: Cutting the Wood

First, draw a rectangle that is the size of the measurements from before.

Next, draw a new rectangle by adding an inch to all sides of the first one.

Finally cut out the small rectangle inside and shave down the edges until you have a shape that looks like a picture frame.

Step 3: Final Holes

Stack all the pieces of wood so that the lineup and then drill 3 holes on the long side so you can put the locks in.

Finally, put the locks into the safe and you've just made a safe for phones.

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